Touch TV Series 2012 Trailer Review

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Here in Watch Touch Online we’ve already brought up the series’ pilot episode a little, the show’s cast and production team; but we still haven’t talked about the series trailer that Fox has recently released in anticipation of the series’ March 19 debut airing.

While this could not be a full-on frame-by-frame dissection, we’ll read the big, noticeable things the trailer shows and we’ll move from there. The trailer starts with Jake talking about mathematical equations, assorted facts and how only not enough people start to see the connection in the “pattern.” Jake reveals that they’s a decade, five months, 17 days and 14 in all of that time, never uttered a single word. It then shows us Jake on a crate while doodling with mathematical equations. We can hear a person saying, “Sir, your son cannot keep doing this.” Evidently suggesting that this is not the first-time Jake has done something such as this.

The next scene shows Claire Hopkins, a realtor from the Child and Family Services – supposedly investigating Sutherland’s character, Martin Bohm for signs and symptoms of child neglect. One recurring theme we would like to point out is that mathematical equations are shown as fate being pre-determined and exactly how people can calculate for it.

Sutherland might be shown saying that Jake was caught climbing the high peak a minimum of 3 x and all those times it has been at 3:18. His character shares this info with Hopkins and states that this might be Jake’s means of communicating.

Martin Bohm (Sutherland) might be shown going to a well used house seeking the Keller Institute. Danny Glover answers the entranceway and acknowledges how the place is THE institute and reveals he knows a lot more than what Sutherland suspects and invites him in. Again, ซีรี่ย์จีน being responsible and being ever-present inside the world and exactly what happens around us. This is possibly the supernatural aspect of the show. The next scene shows several mobiles arranged inside a pattern and plenty of people calling the phones with similar number – at this time we’ve got no idea who’s calling and why.

In the subsequent following scenes the amount 318 is repeatedly shown, from the bus number to the number being translated to 3/18 – as in March 18 and how it is really an important tuned to Watch Touch Online for your second portion of our dissection from the trailer.Again, Watch Touch Online is your premier source for Touch news, reviews, previews plus more.