Mystical Light Shows in The Skies The Magic Behind Auroras

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Watching the recording for Owl City’s 2010 hit number, ‘Vanilla twilight’ on my small Time Warner TV- I was mind blown; it compromised for the modern music videos with such a magnitude of emotion. The awe filled expressions from the cast including kids along with a dog; Shaquille O’Neal (The Shak) along with his parting words of “take me with you”; The young couple in the end holding hands and Adam appearing together with his grand piano within a light house between. I just loved it! But, what impressed me one of the most was when at the conclusion the sun shows started. Wondering if it was graphics animated with computerized effects I found out the aurora was actually filmed at a location in Pittsburgh. Not knowing much about auroras or aurorae (plural for aurora), I did some research. Here are some of the interesting facts that I found:

It is termed following your Roman goddess Aurora who flies involving the skies during twilight and sunrise. Not one in the well-known Roman gods, but jane is the personification of dawn.Auroras don’t only exist in the northern magnetic poles. They also frequent in Australia, New Zealand and other parts in the southern hemisphere. The scientific term for northern lights or perhaps the aurora effect within the northern hemisphere is ‘aurora borealis’. In the southern magnetic pole, they’re called ‘aurora australis’.

The earliest sighting of the Aurora was recorded in 1621, when it was presented with the scientific name by Pierre Gassendi.

When auroras appear they swirl slowly (like how gases move) and change color. This is because all from the magnetic and electrical forces react with the other person in constantly shifting combinations. In fact Auroras were known as “dance with the spirits” inside past. They appear in large circles and only around what is known as the auroral oval. The color is established by specific factors based on how auroras work.

Here’s how an aurora is created: Solar winds, that’s, winds circulating inside sun’s environment cross our planet. These winds are caused by sun spots. Sunspots are dark areas of magnetic disturbance at first glance from the sun. It has been shown that during times of maximum sunspot activity, sunlight ejects the highest concentration of charged particles. And it is during this time period of utmost solar activity that auroras are in all likelihood to show up. cross the earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere has highly charged varying magnetic and electrical fields. The solar wind follows the magnetic lines with the magnetosphere and tunnels down towards Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere presents various gaseous particles that collide while using solar winds. When the particles with the Earth’s uppermost atmosphere collide with your heated winds, energy is exchanged. The gaseous atoms gain energy that is more than what’s required. When this excessive energy is emitted, auroras are produced.

Different atoms produce different colors with the spectrum when they are excited. It also depends on the location where the energy exchange happens and the way far from the earth’s atmosphere could it be happening. The two main gases that interact with the solar wind are oxygen and neon. When the electrons communicate with oxygen atoms at the height of about 60 miles away from the Earth’s atmosphere generates a familiar green color. Whereas, oxygen atoms in an altitude of 200 miles far from us provide a red color. Ionic Nitrogen produces the blue glow to 150miles and neutral Nitrogen emits the red-puple as well as the rippled edges effect above 150 miles

There are numerous stories about sounds connected with auroras, but there isn’t any recordings of auroral sounds. Scientists can’t concur with an amount produce sounds through the aurora.